General Secretariat for Gender Equality

From November 2009 until July 2012 I was the Secretary General for Gender Equality.The General Secretariat for Gender Equality (Ministry of Interior) is the governmental agency competent to plan, implement, and monitor the implementation of policies on equality between women and men in all sectors. The General Secretariat for Gender Equality implements co-financed Programmes and Actions through the Special Implementation Service of co-financed Programmes of the GSGE.

The policies that were desinged when I was the Secretary General for Gender Equality are presented in the National Programme for Substantive Gender Equality 2010-2013. Furhermore,  the actions that were developed during the same period can be found in the Midterm Progres Report on Gender Equality (November 2009-July 2012).

In this section you can also see relevant material (press releases, conferences and events index, flyers, tv spots, photos etc) that was produced from November 2009-July 2012. In this effort all the emloyees of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Scientific Staff of my cabinet contributed.